Friday, October 7, 2022
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Serendipity Labs launches subsidiary to better serve landlords

WorkplaceCloud also improved the visibility of listings, according to Arenas.

Survey: One-third of American workers lack paid time off

Those with PTO took an average of 14 days off in 2021.

How working remotely could affect your taxes

The pandemic has disrupted the tax filing process for many businesses.

Survey: 26% of fully remote workers admit to job hunting

51% of working parents would take a pay cut to retain remote work setup.

Kingston’s SAFE seizes opportunity to facilitate remote learning through tech tools

SAFE, short for Smartphone Access for Everyone, is an authentication and meeting management system designed to replace passwords.

Survey: Companies report difficulties in hiring and retaining qualified workers

Nearly 40% of companies expect remote work will continue a year after the pandemic subsides.

Study finds women more satisfied than men with pandemic-era remote work

Female respondents were slightly likelier to work longer hours.

New report sees office-free world as unlikely

“An office workplace environment can drive productivity or erode it," the report from Cushman & Wakefield says.