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2021: The year of the commercial property tax challenges?

"The property tax cases are historically and notoriously backlogged," said Wilkes about the court calendar.

The Next Big Thing?: 10 fintechs changing the real estate world

Liquefy has the backing of Dubai's royal family.

Rock-solid: Architect says it’s a ‘snap’ to build his new home

"I've already lived in regular houses for too many years," said architect Leigh Overland.

Highs and lows: Charting the future of the Mid-Hudson economy

Michael Oates, president and CEO of the nonprofit Hudson Valley Economic Development Corp., is optimistic about the region’s economic recovery from the Covid shutdown,...

The suburbs are back: Real estate expert sees ‘great unlocking’ of...

"We live in an over-messaged, over-complicated world. Simplification for the consumer has real value to them," says Compass Chief Evangelist Leonard Steinberg.

O’Reilly Electric buys Stratford industrial property for $380K

The property was previously the site of North Country Boatworks.

Survey: Most buyers will go over budget in pursuing their dream...

Three-quarters of millennials are willing to jettison their original homebuying budgets.

Suite Talk: Anthony Gaglio Jr., vice president and director of safety...

"Our average employment for roughly 52 employees is about 10 years, and a lot of them came up working with my father in the trades," he said.

The Next Big Thing?: PhilanthroInvesting links investors with low-income families seeking...

“We’re taking the best of two worlds, philanthropy and real estate investing, and bringing them together,” Moses said.

Richard Haggerty: What the new regionalized MLS means for Westchester Realtors

The New York metro area, including Westchester and the Hudson Valley, is viewed as one of the leading real estate markets in the world....

Howard Greenberg: What does reopening mean to Westchester County offices?

As of this writing, the Mid-Hudson region is commencing its phase two reopening, permitting some workers to return to their offices, with significant rules...

Colonial-era Trumbull home with slavery past listed at $800K

Nero Hawley was granted full emancipation after military service in the Revolutionary War.

Larchmont’s Manor House, built in 1797, listed at $4.69M

The property functioned as a girls' school in the early 20th century.

Suite Talk: Mark VanStekelenburg, managing director of CBRE Hotels’ Consulting

"The mantra within the hotel industry has been 'let's figure out what we're dealing with.'"

Survey finds high angst levels among pandemic-period homebuyers

Nearly 25% of respondents had less than $1,000 in emergency savings.