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Trumped: President’s brand in free fall as companies, lawmakers flee

“His brand is so tied to him as a person that the association is almost impossible to unlink,” says Sacred Heart University Professor David Taylor.

Mastercard joins growing chorus of disapproval over GOP attempts to overturn...

Meanwhile, security is being beefed up around Albany and Hartford in the wake of FBI warnings that more potentially violent protests are in the making in all 50 states.

PepsiCo debuts marketing push to support Black-owned restaurants

A debut commercial aired on NFL Network Media and NFL.com.

PepsiCo and Fat Joe launch hip hop talent competition

The winner will appear in a Wild Cherry Pepsi advertisement in 2021.

Mastercard teams with fintech on credit score strengthening

Grow Credit will operate on the Mastercard network.

PepsiCo’s LifeWtr brand opens Black Art Rising digital exhibition

The company’s Black Art Rising Fund is inviting artists to share their creations.

Six area communities ranked among nation’s priciest post-Covid ZIP codes

California and New York led the states with the most expensive luxury real estate markets.

Donald Kendall, often-controversial PepsiCo CEO, dies at 99

Kendall dismantled corporate racial barriers and advocated for overthrow of Chilean President Salvador Allende.

PepsiCo teams with Red Lobster for new menu specialties

The first item is the Dew Garita, a cocktail made from MTN Dew.

Local businesses aim for a better normal

"Five of the six buyers I am working with are coming from New York City," said real estate broker Craig Oshrin.

LawCash sues LawCash911 for ‘palming off’ litigation loans

Hopkins and his businesses have “profited from this confusion and deceit,” according to the complaint, by misappropriating LawCash trademarks “to funnel customer traffic … to their websites.”

Atlas Air pilots’ union pushing to land a contract

The union representing pilots at Purchase-based Atlas Air is calling for the company to enter nonstop bargaining to wrap up contract talks. Atlas Air...

Mastercard to buy Finicity for $825M to expand its open banking...

In a move that Mastercard said will enhance its open banking products, the Purchase-based credit card company said on June 23 that it intends...

Mastercard partners with installment payment provider Splitit

Mastercard's Zahir Khoja said the partnership "will help to drive higher transaction volumes for businesses."

Westmed Medical Group offering COVID-19 antibody tests

Westmed Medical Group is now offering COVID-19 antibody tests to qualifying patients.