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PPP Flexibility Act provides further opportunity for business owners, though some...

“We’ll see how it plays out,” says Connecticut Restaurant Association Executive Director Scott Dolch.

A look at employers’ rights as Connecticut returns to work

“It’s really difficult to gauge” how many businesses are going full-steam ahead, says a Bridgeport attorney. “We have a number of clients who have been planning for some time to begin bringing back their employees, and there are some who are waiting to see how things develop.”

Expensing the crisis: What employers – and employees – should expect

Attorney Jonathan Orleans of Bridgeport firm Pullman & Comley says that, technically, a company doesn’t have to reimburse any of an employee’s expenses – “though the best practice is certainly to do so in the current situation, where the employer is specifically asking the employee to work from home.”

Pullman & Comley continues to lay down the law after 100...

Although it's recently expanded into New York and Massachusetts, one of the state's largest law firms will always call Connecticut home, says chairman James Shearin: “There is zero possibility of us leaving -- not while I’m around."

Column: Your digital assets are begging for attention

So much is done online -- banking, work, shopping, gaming, socializing. If something happens to you, what happens to all that information and all those assets? Plan for that now.

Assessment questions aplenty with climate change

Pullman & Comley attorneys address what climate change means for property assessments on the Long Island Sound.

Column: Innovative payroll practices may not be legal

Methods of wage payment are controlled by statutes — in Connecticut and elsewhere — that do not necessarily suit the convenience of employers.

Column: Fraudulent checks pose real risk for banks

Webster Bank cashed a $15,000 fraudulent check and is liable for it, a court has ruled.

Column: Quest is on for remediation ‘best practices’

A new report will be taken into account as Connecticut formulates the next steps in an initiative to transform its approach to remediating contaminated sites.

Submetering targets individual electricity conservation

The state’s Public Utilities Regulatory Agency issues the technical specifications for new submeters that can micromanage buildings' electric bills.

Column: Environmental considerations for school construction

As in all construction and renovation projects, it is important to consider potential environmental issues as part of the initial decision-making process.

Column: The legal checkup as valuable tool

Preventative legal care can save a business, says Pullman & Comley attorney Jess Grossarth.

Fairfield County Newsmakers 9.2.2013

Fairfield County Newsmakers from the Sept. 2, 2013 edition of The Fairfield County Business Journal.

Newsmakers Fairfield County 06-17-2013

Day Pitney announced new partner and more.

Bridgeport law firm office goes red

Pullman & Comley L.L.C. law firm employees wore red Feb. 1 for the National Wear Red Day celebration to benefit the American Heart Association (AHA).