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Connecticut gained 14,100 jobs in October

The state regained more than two-thirds of the private sector jobs lost in March and April.

Connecticut lost 1,300 jobs in March

"How many more jobs do we have to lose before the legislature changes its direction?" asked CBIA's Pete Gioia.

State unemployment dips below national average

New York's unemployment rate dropped to 4.8 percent in October, falling below the national average of 5 percent, as the state’s private sector workforce reached a record high.

Region’s job market holds steady in July

Westchester County’s jobless rate was unchanged in July, when the Hudson Valley region had 1,000 fewer private-sector jobs than in June.

Unemployment ticked higher in June

The Bridgeport-Stamford labor market area was among the few bright spots, gaining 3,000 jobs from May to June.

Modest job growth in May, but ‘headwinds’ persist

Connecticut private sector employers added 2,400 jobs in May as the state's unemployment rate was 8 percent for the fourth straight month, the state Department of Labor reported this morning.

Jobs momentum builds, but unemployment holds at 8%

The Connecticut economy added 6,300 jobs in April and has now picked up almost 10,000 jobs through the first four months of 2013.

2012 job numbers sluggish

The job numbers in 2012 saw only minute growth, with job market analysts blaming the recession, collapse of private sector jobs and Wall Street layoffs for the numbers.

Unemployment down to 7.8 percent in September

The U.S. economy added 114,000 workers in September as the unemployment rate fell to 7.8 percent, representing the lowest such mark since President Obama took office.

Labor force increase negates July private sector gains

(Updated) The unemployment rate in Westchester County increased to 7.6 percent in July, up from 7.5 percent the previous month and 6.9 percent in July 2011.