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The Kensington presenting Alzheimer’s webinar

Against the background of the recent revelation that singer Tony Bennett has been performing for more than five years since the first signs of...

Westchester Women’s Summit postponed: Gretchen Carlson and Susan Rice still to...

The Westchester Women's Summit featuring keynote speakers Gretchen Carlson and Ambassador Susan Rice has been postponed to Sept. 10 as a result of COVID-19...

Patrick Pizzella of New Rochelle named acting U.S. labor secretary

Pizzella was moved up from his position as deputy secretary to become the acting secretary.

Corporate tax reform could up taxes for middle market

If tax loopholes are eliminated across all business structures, middle-market companies could end up paying more.

Westchester declared disaster area

President Obama declared Westchester an official disaster area today, making Westchester eligible for federal aid in the wake of Tropical Storm Sandy.

Fox exec: Campaigns dodge fiscal cliff

As voters and the media attempt to decipher every speech, debate and poll leading up to Nov. 6, TV anchor and commentator Neil Cavuto says business leaders are focused on the one issue neither candidate has broached: the fiscal cliff.

Curtis Instruments excels in 2011

Curtis Instruments Inc., based in Mount Kisco, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric and hybrid vehicle control systems.