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Filomena Fanelli: The five key ingredients to hiring a PR agency

When it comes to hiring a PR firm for your business’ needs there are some key ingredients that can better the chances of a good review.

Kate Wark: Not all dollars hold the same value

Having a great partnership with clients, and alignment overall, will always feel more successful than a big-ticket client that doesn’t meet your company’s needs or share your values.

Filomena Fanelli: Measuring PR success is no fairytale

Until recently, public relations was generally viewed as the shy, less colorful sibling to the sexy sophisticate known as traditional advertising.

Filomena Fanelli: Five ways to build trust (and your business)

Filomena Fanelli weighs in on five notorious ways that people fail to build trust and how to turn them around.

Filomena Fanelli: Eight paths to better PR in 2018

Filomena Fanelli offers eight strategies you can employ to spread the word about what your business or organization is up to.

Marketing & Advertising: What Works, What Doesn’t

Advertising and marketing gurus Ari Halper and Sabrina Horn examined the elements of successful PR and marketing campaigns at a Feb. 28, 2013 event at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich.

A ‘placemaking’ to call our own

A CEO argues for Fairfield County to make its place as a creative corridor.