Sunday, March 26, 2023
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World Bank finds poverty is gaining ground

The World Bank, headquartered in Washington, D.C., finds that despite the world's wealth global poverty has increased and that by 2030 nearly 600 million...

Greenwich panel considers the effects of wealth disparity

“Lots of people will go to bed tonight not knowing what next week brings because they struggle,” Camillo said.

Rockland village of Kaser named New York’s poorest town

Kaser’s median household income was identified as $23,030.

Poughkeepsie drafts new comprehensive plan; urges numerous improvements

The draft of a new comprehensive plan is undergoing review in the city of Poughkeepsie. The document takes a dispassionate look at the Poughkeepsie...

Study: 42% of Connecticut children in households with financial hardship

ALICE households don't qualify for SNAP benefits.

San Miguel Program buys building it has been leasing

San Miguel Program in Newburgh, which has five divisions including the San Miguel Academy that are designed to break the cycle of poverty through...

U.S. obesity rate hits a new high at 42%

19.3% of U.S. young people between ages 2 to 19 have obesity.

Connecticut is sole state to record 2018 poverty rate increase

Despite the uptick, Connecticut’s poverty rate was lower than the 13.1 percent national average.

Bridgeport unveils draft master plan for 10-year growth

The draft acknowledged Bridgeport's 22.1 percent poverty rate and 23 percent food insecurity rate.

Report: 40 percent of CT households struggling to meet basic necessities

United Way also warned that the rise of the gig economy has created an environment with "limited job security, no benefits, fluctuating hours and unreliable wages."

Ray Dalio cites income inequality as the nation’s greatest issue

“I think the greatest issue of our time is the disparity of wealth and the problems that exist for the lower 40 percent of the population,” Dalio said.

Greyston Bakery partners with brownie all-star

An established food entrepreneur cooks up a new wonder and takes it to Yonkers for production.

Health insurance coverage increases in Northeast

Due to increased enrollment in Medicare and Medicaid, fewer people lacked insurance in 2011.