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New index introduced to measure Connecticut health care costs

“There is an ongoing crisis of health care affordability in Connecticut,” said Lembo.

Law firm deals with business interruption insurance claims due to pandemic

Some businesses that thought their business interruption insurance would cover the losses they’ve been sustaining as a result of the Covid-19 shutdowns have been...

The Hedgeye challenge on halting COVID-19: mitigation or suppression?

Two hybrid approaches to the crisis were also floated.

Ray Dalio warns of coming trade conflicts and possibly ‘shooting wars’

Writing in his influential LinkedIn blog, Dalio warned that the Trump administration is creating a climate that could propel the nation into global economic and military conflicts.

‘The recovery could turn out stronger than expected’

Excerpts from Federal Reserve Bank of New York President William Dudley’s prepared remarks Oct. 15 at the National Association for Business Economics annual meeting in New York City, addressing reasons for the disappointing economic recovery and tools yet available to policymakers.

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Lawmakers call for extended evacuation zone requirement for Indian Point.