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Marc Guberti: Three reasons to get your business on Pinterest now

While many people see Pinterest as a mixture of fashion, cooking and arts and crafts, it’s much more than that.

Michael Guberti: Understanding TikTok, a video app you or your family...

TikTok is a video app that allows users to post videos between 15 and 60 seconds long. The app has been downloaded 110 million...

Column: Marketing on a tight budget

There’s a lot you can do to market your business for little or no cost and that’s largely thanks to the Internet.

Marketing on the Web

Kristen Ruby is a publicist that specializes in social media, helping her clients navigate the complicated world of Facebook and Twitter.

Making your social media campaign succeed

Try viewing social media as being multilevel with each level being indicative of the extent to which it can help you.

The rise of Google Plus

What is the second most popular social network after Facebook? No, it’s not Twitter or LinkedIn. I admit it; I was also surprised to discover it’s Google+.

The #great social media debate

Three panelists debated the merits of social media March 21 at Benjamin’s Steakhouse in White Plains.

Pinterest: newest marketing tool

Pinterest.com, a virtual pinboard for photos and articles, is becoming the newest social media platform for businesses to adopt.

Baker spreads her recipe for success

When Pitney Bowes Inc. examined Michelle Jaffee’s application for its “Small Business Makeover” contest, they immediately saw a recipe for success.

Weighing the cost of social media

Experts discussed the merits and direction of social media as a component of businesses’ marketing campaigns at a recent roundtable discussion.

Some concerns about Pinterest

One aspect of Pinterest that is causing increasing concern is the illegal use of copyrighted images and content throughout the site.