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New report challenges Connecticut solar energy site selections

The Council on Environmental Quality calls for a shift from agricultural and forest land construction.

Public-private solar leasing program expands

Connecticut, in partnership with U.S. Bancorp and a consortium of lenders, has amassed nearly $60 million in financing to help expand a 2008 solar leasing program that has already facilitated more than 850 home solar system leases.

$1B renewable energy program ramps up

CL&P accepted just six Fairfield County bids under a $1 billion renewable energy program that will run two decades.

IKEA powers up PV array

IKEA’s New Haven store plugged in the largest photovoltaic array in Connecticut.

OPEL exits solar

Northern States Metals is acquiring the solar business of OPEL Technologies.

Conn. eclipsed in photovoltaic installs

A new study shows how far Connecticut lags neighboring states in photovoltaic installations.