Sunday, December 4, 2022
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Most pet parents plan to buy a holiday gift for their...

Most people would prefer holiday shopping for their pets than for some family members.

Survey: Most Americans put their pet’s needs before their own

46% of respondents said they spent more on their pet’s medical needs than their own.

Trick-or-treating with Fido and Kitty-Cat

But remember to keep chocolate away from dogs.

Survey finds inflation puts new burden on pet owners for food...

10% of respondents limited their retirement savings contributions to cover the increased costs.

Danbury’s Furry Friends sets tails a-wagging with addition of Muddy Paw...

“Newbies especially can take time to get to know," says Jasmin Cruz of her clientele. "It’s like when a kid goes to the doctor’s office for the first time – you have to take it at their own pace."

New NY law gives more protections for pets sold through stores

"If pet dealers are going to profit from the sale of living animals, they should at the very least adhere to basic standards of decency,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in signing the legislation.