Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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Local business leaders stress confidence despite Dow Jones’ plunge

Fairfield County-based business leaders were not concerned that the Dow Jones' 1,175-point drop on Feb. 5 was the harbinger of bad tidings.

Credit’s out there for small businesses, experts and owners say

“Anecdotally, I still hear complaints from small businesses that they still have trouble accessing capital,” said CBIA President Joe Brennan.

Connecticut lost 6,600 jobs in October

Connecticut has recovered 72.5 percent of the jobs lost in the recession, well behind the recovery rate of many states.

Connecticut jobless rate falls slightly in August

Connecticut has recovered 81.1 percent of the jobs lost during the March 2008-Feb. 2010 recession.

June jobs report paints mixed picture, but shows signs of hope

The state has now recovered 83.3 percent of the jobs it lost in the recession, while the U.S. at large has a recovery rate of 150 percent.

Forum finds optimism amid discontent with Hartford

Barnum Financial hosts event in New Haven.

Boost needed for state’s sluggish population growth

Talk of a Connecticut exodus has swirled for years, but analysts paint a less bleak picture with a closer look behind the numbers.

State’s bottom line is improving

CBIA economist seeks 'real spending reforms'

State loses jobs, unemployment rate falls

Job losses are high despite low month-to-month unemployment rate.

Survey: Family businesses optimistic about 2013

Compared to survey results last year, a greater number of family-owned businesses are expecting increases in revenue, staff and investments in 2013.

CBIA focuses on family businesses

The Connecticut Business & Industry Association launched a new program for family-owned businesses July 18.