Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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CT’s rate of personal income growth ranked 48th in the nation

The coronavirus effect will be a factor in the Commerce Department’s next report, due in June. As of now, Connecticut has gained back 83% of jobs lost in the Great Recession; as of Monday, nearly 100,000 unemployment claims have been submitted as businesses continue to shut down.

Connecticut personal income up 4.6 percent in first quarter

Although Connecticut’s personal income was above the U.S. average of a 4.3 percent increase, it ranked 27th in the nation.

Connecticut personal income grew 3 percent in 2016

The state also ranked first for per capita personal income.

Personal income, consumer spending rose in February

Personal income increase 1.1 percent in February after a 3.7 percent drop the month prior, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.