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PepsiCo publishes cookbook with MTN Dew-infused recipes

Recipes range from breakfast pancakes to dinnertime brisket.

PepsiCo’s MTN Dew debuts hot sauce

"Joel Embiid’s Hot Habanero" will be a limited-edition promotional product.

PepsiCo seeks to expand Black ownership of franchise restaurants

Only 8% of restaurants are owned by African Americans.

PepsiCo’s LifeWtr brand opens Black Art Rising digital exhibition

The company’s Black Art Rising Fund is inviting artists to share their creations.

Donald Kendall, often-controversial PepsiCo CEO, dies at 99

Kendall dismantled corporate racial barriers and advocated for overthrow of Chilean President Salvador Allende.

PepsiCo teams with Red Lobster for new menu specialties

The first item is the Dew Garita, a cocktail made from MTN Dew.

PepsiCo cites ‘unintentional activity’ for Twitter slam of Tucker Carlson

The talk show host was criticized for repeatedly mispronouncing the name of Sen. Kamala Harris.

PepsiCo debuts Cheetos Mac ‘n Cheese line

The product line will be available beginning Aug. 8 in a single box and cup format at Walmart.

PepsiCo to make Mtn Dew Spark a Speedway exclusive

The new MTN Dew Spark is a pink-colored soda with a raspberry lemonade flavor.

WestPark Associates plans high-tech retrofit at Westchester Avenue site

WestPark Associates NY LLP, has issued a request for proposals seeking services for retrofitting its properties at 1111 and 1129 Westchester Ave. in White...

PepsiCo challenged by black farmers group to expand business ties

PepsiCo was urged to seek out "black farmers as significant sources of its products."

PepsiCo to rebrand Aunt Jemima products due to ‘racial stereotype’

The company acknowledged the brand was inspired by a racial stereotype.

PepsiCo commits $7M to aid communities of color

Purchase-based PepsiCo and its philanthropic arm, The PepsiCo Foundation, will be providing $7 million for increased medical and economic aid to communities of color...

Mastercard, PepsiCo and Morgan Stanley give $1.1M toward local COVID-19 fight

Mastercard and PepsiCo today announced the formation of a community partnership called Westchester Strong with Healthcare Heroes (WSWHH) that will provide immediate help to...

PepsiCo moves ahead with deals in the COVID-19 era

While many businesses in Westchester have found their activities and ability to pursue deal-making constrained by the COVID-19 situation, Purchase-based PepsiCo has managed to...