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PepsiCo debuts hemp beverage

The company claims the product has an “intense hemp taste.”

PepsiCo launches $40M scholarship program for Black and Hispanic community college...

Westchester Community College is one of the four schools participating in the program.

PepsiCo teams with Peeps on marshmallow-flavored soda

The companies are running a sweepstakes in conjunction with the product's launch.

LeBron James teams with PepsiCo on new energy drink line

James had been a celebrity spokesperson for Coca-Cola for the last 18 years.

PepsiCo debuts juice product line Frutly

The product has 60 calories per 12 fluid ounce serving.

PepsiCo rebrands Aunt Jemima as Pearl Milling Co.

The new brand will be in stores in June.

PepsiCo, Beyond Meat partner to develop plant protein snacks and drinks

Purchase-based PepsiCo and Beyond Meat, which is based in El Segundo, California, and specializes in producing food products made from plant protein that replicate...

PepsiCo unveils multiple marketing endeavors for Super Bowl LV

Rival Coca-Cola will be absent from this year's game.

Trumped: President’s brand in free fall as companies, lawmakers flee

“His brand is so tied to him as a person that the association is almost impossible to unlink,” says Sacred Heart University Professor David Taylor.

PepsiCo unveils new global environmental plans

Purchase-based PepsiCo, Inc. this morning announced plans to switch to renewable sources of electricity in all of its company owned and controlled operations around...

Mastercard joins growing chorus of disapproval over GOP attempts to overturn...

Meanwhile, security is being beefed up around Albany and Hartford in the wake of FBI warnings that more potentially violent protests are in the making in all 50 states.

PepsiCo debuts marketing push to support Black-owned restaurants

A debut commercial aired on NFL Network Media and NFL.com.

Public sculptures helping bridge the arts gap

One of the least likely places many people expect to find works of art has become a popular destination for those seeking unique cultural...

PepsiCo and Fat Joe launch hip hop talent competition

The winner will appear in a Wild Cherry Pepsi advertisement in 2021.