Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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PepsiCo rolls out S’mores Collection soft drinks

The beverages can be consumed separately or mixed together.

PepsiCo and Culinary Institute of America team on new pepperoni pizza...

The new topping recipe includes a Pepsi Zero Sugar reduction instead of the water.

PepsiCo unveils multiple marketing endeavors for Super Bowl LV

Rival Coca-Cola will be absent from this year's game.

Donald Kendall, often-controversial PepsiCo CEO, dies at 99

Kendall dismantled corporate racial barriers and advocated for overthrow of Chilean President Salvador Allende.

PepsiCo cites ‘unintentional activity’ for Twitter slam of Tucker Carlson

The talk show host was criticized for repeatedly mispronouncing the name of Sen. Kamala Harris.

PepsiCo unveils new marketing tagline for Pepsi brand

New advertising will debut during the Golden Globes Awards and the NFL Wild Card games.

PepsiCo debuts cash-back loyalty program

Consumers who accumulate $2 in reward points will receive a cash payment via Venmo or PayPal.

PepsiCo adds fruit juice in new cola flavors

The Purchase-based company is for the first time incorporating fruit juice into its cola drinks.

Pepsi releases new diet cola

Purchase-based PepsiCo it has introduced a new brand of aspartame-free Diet Pepsi that is now available at retailers.

Pepsi works to eliminate caramel chemical

A thousand cans a day per person could spell trouble.

Pepsi enters upstate yogurt venture

Pepsi and its Quaker Oats arm team with a German dairy company.

Pepsi rethinks the soda machine

Pepsi follows Coke into the world of self-mixed soda drinks.

PepsiCo to lay off 8,700

PepsiCo Inc. will lay off about 3 percent of its workforce worldwide

Do one thing better or die!

Successful Hudson Valley businesses build unstoppable strategy based on their own unique strengths and business relationships. They anchor their visions in the reality of their distinctive capabilities. What one thing can you claim that your competitors can’t?

Danbury gets more shelf space in auto aisle

Honeywell sold its Danbury-based automotive products group to a New Zealand investor.