Sunday, November 27, 2022
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Norman G. Grill: Paying off debt the smart way

With today’s economic uncertainty, being debt-free is a worthwhile goal.

Judy Heft: Five ways to protect your financial health during the...

Are your savings being impacted by the pandemic? The financial impact of the pandemic coupled with anxieties about staying healthy is weighing on all...

Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra finding few friends in government, banking industry

Invoke the prefix “crypto” to most people, and negative thoughts are likely to follow; after all, dictionary.com defines the term as a noun meaning...

Synchrony to issue Venmo-branded credit card

Users of the new credit card will be able to apply, buy, and manage their account in an app managed by Venmo, the mobile payment service owned by PayPal Inc.,

PepsiCo debuts cash-back loyalty program

Consumers who accumulate $2 in reward points will receive a cash payment via Venmo or PayPal.

Synchrony picks up PayPal’s consumer credit portfolio for $7B

“This collaboration plays to both companies’ strengths in providing seamless digital payments and innovating for partners, merchants and consumers,” said Synchrony President and CEO Margaret Keane.

Michele Braun: A primer on payments for business

Our economy is long past the days when most payments were made in cash or even checks.

Nyack lawyer tries to reclaim Iron Man comic book

ames A. Cracolici sued eBay and PayPal on May 1 in federal court, White Plains, claiming they mishandled a comic book transaction in a diabolical plot by Craig James Saunders of Waterdown, Ontario. Saunders, the complaint says, fraudulently induced Cracolici into parting with the rare comic book, “knowing he would ultimately never pay for the item.”

Bank of America turns down offer to relocate to Conn.

Conn. lawmakers are hoping to lure North Carolina businesses after that state's passage of a controversial law.

Retailers to partner on mobile wallet app

Major retailers including Wal-Mart are pushing ahead with their own plans for a mobile wallet service.