Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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Patriot Bank, American Challenger merging to create nation’s largest digital bank

Patriot Bank Chairman Michael Carrazza, who will remain as vice chairman of the new entity, called the deal an “industry-disrupting merger."

Majority of Fairfield County-based banks eke out Q2 capital increases

But it's anyone's guess what Q3 might bring.

Suite Talk: Robert G. Russell Jr., president and CEO of Patriot...

"It's funny, I've heard about the demise of brick and mortar probably for close to 30 years," said Russell.

Robert Russell Jr. named president/CEO at Patriot Bank

In June Patriot reported that its total assets, as of the first quarter, increased 2% to $999.6 million; its net loan portfolio increased to $808 million; deposits grew 4.4%, or $33.7 million, to $803.2 million; and net interest income was up 1.9%.

Banks’ message to small businesses, individuals: ‘We’re there for you’

“We’re constantly discussing options for our customers in the face of hardship,” says Patriot Bank President Richard Muskus Jr. “We will do what we can as an organization to help them – the bank is not going to abandon them.”

Open Banking concept attractive to area banks, but wait for regulations...

Paving the way for third parties to access banks' customer data as a way to improve efficiencies in the customer experience are Open Banking initiatives in the U.K., the E.U. and Asia.

Banks leading efforts to help affected workers during shutdown

Still looming: the effect of the Small Business Administration's closure. “We’ve got loans that have been approved or are in the process of being approved that are waiting for the SBA,” says Patriot Bank President Richard Muskus Jr. “The SBA had better be ready for a tidal wave of backlog.”

Patriot Bank expanding small-business lending

The Stamford bank recently added Brent Ciurlino, a former top SBA official, to its board of directors.

After run of acquisitions, People’s United focuses on organic growth, tech

Change is the byword at People’s United Bank. With the dust still settling on its $544 million acquisition of Farmington Bank, People’s is still wrestling with the technological and cybersecurity issues facing most industries today — particularly in the financial services sector.

Patriot Bank receives fed blessing to streamline small-business loan process

“As a Preferred Lender, we will continue to provide support for many more small businesses that want to build themselves and contribute mightily to our economy," said Patriot President Richard Muskus Jr.

Patriot completes $10M subordinated debt offering

The Stamford bank also announced its entry into the 2018 Russell Microcap Index, which was reconstituted last month.

The evolving face of the bank board of directors

Changes in regulatory requirements and customer demographics have impacted how boards serve today's banking industry.

Patriot Bank completes Prime Bank acquisition

Stamford-based Patriot said it remains on track to surpass its $1 billion milestone in total assets in the second half of this year.

Patriot Bank finalizes acquisition of Prime Bank

The transaction is expected to result in Patriot reaching total assets of $1 billion, organically, in the second half of this year.

At 82, another day at work for Patriot Bank’s co-founder

The 82-year-old exec is a longtime mentor to Patriot President Richard Muskus Jr.