Monday, September 26, 2022
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New York Medical College announces patent for ‘revolutionary new bandage’

New York Medical College, a member of the Touro College and University System, is working to develop and bring to market what it describes...

M2 Media Group gains patent for online fundraising platform

CEO Michael Borchetta said the patent shows "the strength and sophistication of our team's efforts in delivering leading edge technology."

Xerox receives patent for blockchain-based data revision system

Xerox stated the technology will "allow record owners to recover work that may have been altered or destroyed from more traditional control systems."

Digital gaming business adds patent

A digital gaming business adds a new patent to its casinos-targeting lawsuit.

Is the patent system broken or simply misunderstood?

Like the patent infringement case that resulted in a $612.5 million settlement payment in 2006 by Blackberry-maker Research in Motion to NTP, Apple Inc.’s $1 billion patent infringement verdict against Samsung Electronics Co. this summer has once again placed a spotlight on patents and their impact on businesses.

Betting against the house

A Harrison intellectual property company in a federal court claims patent infringement by major gambling industry players.

Report: OxyContin extension sought

Purdue Pharma reportedly is seeking an extension of its patent protection on OxyContin.

Invention intensity?

Inventors are eyeing a one-year transition to a new system for awarding patents.

Flights of invention

A patent and trademark attorney in White Plains, Karl Milde himself is a patent-holding inventor and, more recently, an author of thriller novels.