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Suite Talk: Margaret Nunziato, executive director of Westchester Independent Living Center

"We have multiple programs that assist people with work readiness," Nunziato said.

Suite Talk: Michael Romita, president and CEO, Westchester County Association

"I don't want to see New York City crater," said Romita.

Banker John Traynor predicts economy will ‘rebound strongly’

Traynor stated President Biden is concerned about raising corporate taxes too high.

Norwalk trainer/yoga teacher Brian Buturla finds ‘virtual’ means more focused clients

“Everybody's body needs to be maintained, like a car,” he said.

Federal Reserve finds small businesses in prolonged crisis

A report today by the 12 U.S. Federal Reserve Banks paints a grim picture of the status of small businesses in the U.S. as...

U.S. auto sales at eight-year low

Edmunds is forecasting the sale of 14.4 million new cars and trucks in 2020, a 15.5% decline from 2019.

Gov. Cuomo receives International Emmy Award for pandemic press conferences

Cuomo is the first incumbent elected official to receive this entertainment industry honor.

Holiday shoppers predicted to repeat 2019 level of spending

The forecast predicted fewer shoppers will be purchasing jewelry as holiday gifts.

Study tracks significant drop in cancer procedures for seniors during pandemic

New patient visits were down by as much as 70% since the beginning of the pandemic.

Suite Talk: Tibi Guzmán, executive director and CEO of The Arc...

"The people we support with developmental disabilities require a lot of assistance to do any kind of daily kind of function," she said.

Lawyer Jeffrey Buss predicts increased litigation from Covid-19

Buss said that Covid-19 has put a focus on often-overlooked pandemic and public health law.

Strip malls should do well; indoor malls need reinvention, Houlihan Lawrence...

Strip malls and well-located street retail properties with access to parking are likely to continue to show resilience as the commercial real estate sector...

Most Americans will not download COVID-19 contact tracing app

Respondents ages 55 and higher were the greatest percentage of app boycotters.

It’s official, the U.S. economy is in a recession, says NBER

There’s been a lot of speculation from various commentators and guests on the cable TV talk-fests recently about the U.S. being in a recession....

Judy Heft: Five ways to protect your financial health during the...

Are your savings being impacted by the pandemic? The financial impact of the pandemic coupled with anxieties about staying healthy is weighing on all...