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Amidst OxyContin lawsuits, Purdue Pharma unveils trial for wearable tech for...

The news comes as Cigna announces it will no longer cover OxyContin as a preferred option on its commercial drug lists.

Ridgefield First Selectman Rudy Marconi weighs joining national suit against opioid...

"Connecticut has to get a lot more serious" about approaching the opioid abuse epidemic, Rudy Marconi said.

Purdue Pharma gives more money for opioid overdose initiative

Purdue Pharma's funding will provide naloxone kits for opioid overdose as well as training for police officers.

Purdue Pharma names Craig Landau as new president and CEO

Landau takes over the same day as a third state files a lawsuit against the company for its marketing practices of OxyContin and other opioids.

CT Attorney General Jepsen joins coalition looking into opioid manufacturers’ practices

Although which companies will be under investigation was not disclosed, it seems likely that Stamford’s Purdue Pharma, already the subject of several lawsuits, will be included.

Ohio suing Purdue Pharma, four others over opioid marketing

Meanwhile, Connecticut's House of Representatives has unanimously approved a bill designed to further the state’s efforts to combat the opioid crisis.

Purdue Pharma seeks dismissal of Washington city’s OxyContin lawsuit

Among other reasons, Purdue Pharma maintains that the city of Everett has failed to demonstrate a direct link between the company’s conduct and the illegal actions it maintains have taken place.

Washington city sues Stamford’s Purdue Pharma for ‘enabling’ OxyContin black market

Purdue is accused of being "accountable for knowingly, recklessly, and/or negligently supplying OxyContin to obviously suspicious physicians and pharmacies," among other things.

NY AG and Purdue Pharma agree to fight opiods

An in-place company policy becomes more robust.

Study: BI penalty among largest

Boehringer Ingelheim paid one of the stiffer fines of any drug company over an 18-month span, according to a new study.

Report: OxyContin extension sought

Purdue Pharma reportedly is seeking an extension of its patent protection on OxyContin.

Pain squared

In giving those who suffer pain another option, the Connecticut General Assembly struck a nerve with many.