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Build the Tappan Zee Bridge


The Tappan Zee Bridge continues to command the spotlight.

Medicaid relief is needed but is it likely?

The lawmakers joined in a press conference last week to support a state bill that would phase out the counties’ mandated 50-percent share of the state’s Medicaid costs over eight years.

Moving in a different direction

IBM and four other tech companies recently announced plans to invest $4.4 billion in R&D and jobs in New York state is welcome news following a report that the state is suffering from an ongoing loss of earning power.

Telling observations

A recent panel discussion centered on the burdens of regulatory processes and the impact on real estate development.

The rewards of franchising

Franchised businesses are growing at a rapid pace, according to the International Finance Association.

What about the little guy?

State of the Union addresses are historically known to be delivered with little detail.

Garrison man directs organists’ guild

Garrison’s James Thomashower is executive director of the American Guild of Organists in Manhattan, the “largest organization devoted to a single musical instrument.”

Many ways to help solve state’s fiscal crisis

After years of postponing solutions and patching budget gaps with borrowing and one-time funding sources, policymakers have to finally address Connecticut’s huge fiscal problems.

Should business groups merge? Vote online

Should the The Business Council of Westchester and the Westchester County Association merge?

Give and take

By selling his agenda to the people and gaining their unwavering support, it will be difficult for the Legislature to try and pull the fast ones that they have been pulling over the past decade.

The start of a ‘new relationship’

Connecticut must improve the relationship between state government and the employer community.

Stand up and deliver

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has the tough, fight-team-fight spirit and winning attitude. But he has to seize the bull by the horns, and that bull remains the dysfunctional Legislature.

Will Connecticut join in the recovery?

Economist Mark Zandi’s forecast underscores the need for Connecticut’s government leaders to put job creation and economic growth at the top of their agenda.

State budget still needs to be the focus

A responsible state budget still needs to be the focus of the new general assembly.