Sunday, November 27, 2022
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Supreme Court blocks business vaccination rule

The rule applied to more than 80 million employees of firms that have 100 or more on the payroll.

Hype and fear unfounded as gas prices stabilize

Predictions of a spike in gas prices following the attack on Saudi oil fields were not borne out; John Corlett, director of public and government affairs for AAA Northeast, notes: “Prices started to stabilize once the reports came out that the facilities should be fully operational by the end of September.”

Why blow up your business now?

You can’t destroy the core of your business too early, but to remain in business, you must immediately create a new core as the old one begins to slow.

Can gamification help your company?

Gamification creates incentives that encourage communication, collaboration, and sales – or whatever criteria a company sets up in order for people to obtain rewards and reach goals.

Picking up the tab

No one can predict what will happen in New York state regarding filial responsibility laws, but planning could avoid having to make painful, crisis-driven choices in the future.

Do they know you care?

Millions of people are eagerly waiting to buy from you if you can convince them that you are trustworthy. To gain their trust, show them that you care.

Why your small business needs a disaster recovery plan

Prevent Mother Nature from putting a frosty finish on your small business’s bottom line this winter and follow these four steps for creating a DRP.

Social media privacy? No such thing

Social media privacy is a misnomer – it doesn’t exist. It’s also why every company should require a social media policy specifically telling employees and contractors what they can and can't do.

Should you sell your business now?

Selling a business doesn’t happen overnight. If you don’t have buyers lined up and the business prepared for your exit, it’s too late to get maximum value this year.

It’s all about the content

Although content distribution continues to change at a frenzied pace, creating great content is and will always be a worthwhile investment.

Can testing help in choosing workers?

Hiring is both art and science. Testing your applicants can pay off if you’re focused on the long term.

The power of webinars

Webinars allow companies to get their message out and save time, energy and money while generating significant results.

Cover more ground in sales with the telephone

When pitching cold calling as a strategy, focus on what salespeople care about: talking to more people faster, building more sales opportunities, and making more money.

Tourism campaign strengthens county’s outreach

A new marketing campaign unveiled last summer, ‘Meet Me in Westchester,’ is the culmination of an in-depth analysis of the market and the economic impact and value of tourism.

Product launching for profit making

Launching a product isn’t something you do every day, so to be safe, expect things to cost more and deliver less than planned.