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Nearly 1 million residents have enrolled for insurance through AHCT

Nearly 17,500 Connecticut residents transitioned to HUSKY from private health insurance coverage, likely due to loss of income in 2020, during the most recent open enrollment period.

AHCT extends open enrollment period in face of pandemic

In addition, AHCT customers who had already enrolled in a plan for 2021 now have the option to keep it or find a new plan.

AHCT adjusts to abnormal times as enrollment numbers jump due to...

So-called "Bidencare" and Connecticut lawmakers' consideration of adding a public option could benefit the state's uninsured, AHCT CEO James Michel says.

Suite Talk: Michael McGuire, CEO of UnitedHealthcare of New York

"Now, more than ever, it's important that members understand their benefits," said McGuire.

CT approves health insurance rate hikes that are much lower than...

Aetna, which had requested an 18.9% increase, instead received no increase at all.

Open enrollment for New York health exchanges opens Nov. 1

The state expects to renew coverage for more than 400,000 households during the open enrollment period and enroll new customers.