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Boehringer Ingelheim acquires oncology research firm Abexxa Biologics

Abexxa’s expertise involves targeting cancer-specific proteins located inside the cell.

White Plains Hospital new owner of a PET MRI scanner

Ever since Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovered X-rays in 1895 and a doctor used the discovery to create a picture that revealed a fractured bone...

Oncologist William K. Oh named chief medical science officer at Sema4

Oh has authored more than 300 articles, reviews, and book chapters related to cancers.

Sema4 debuts genomic testing services and digital tools for oncologists

Sema4 is previewing the new offerings at the American Society for Clinical Oncology 2019 Annual Meeting.

Hospital opens center for radiosurgery

White Plains Hospital has expanded its radiation oncology department with a new center for radiosurgery. The centerpiece is the Varian Edge Radiosurgery System. 

CST event raises $415K

More than 300 guests gathered at the Willow Ridge Country Club in Harrison to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Cancer Support Team.

Optimizing aesthetic outcomes from cancer surgery

When the only option to beat breast cancer is a mastectomy, Sunny Mitchell might be a doctor you want to have in your corner, especially if psychological well-being is as important as physical.