Friday, March 31, 2023
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Cuomo calls for ban, even Dunkirk-style citizen fleet, against offshore drilling

The bill, titled Save Our Waters, is the most significant action the Democratic governor has taken in opposition to a plan from President Donald Trump to open up nearly all U.S. coastal waters to oil drilling. 

Malloy and Cuomo voice opposition to Trump offshore drilling plan

In a letter to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, the governors noted how Florida successfully received an exemption from this policy shift and demanded the same consideration be given to their states.

Sens. Blumenthal and Murphy seek ban on New England offshore drilling

"New England depends on healthy, protected shorelines and the Trump Administration just put it all at risk," U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy said.

Sens. Blumenthal and Gillibrand urge Trump not to expand offshore drilling

“Allowing drilling anywhere on the East or West Coasts would threaten key economic drivers for these states such as fishing and tourism with the risk of an oil spill. Offshore oil spills don’t respect state boundaries and a spill off the coast of one state could easily affect another,” the senators wrote.