Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Acting legend Christopher Plummer dead; Weston resident was 91

“I’m not a superstar, thank God,” the multiple award-winning actor told the New York Times in 1982. To be a superstar must be extremely tiring and limiting."

Devon Dalio, son of Bridgewater Associates founder, dead at 42

Ray Dalio tweeted that his family was “mourning and processing and would prefer to be incommunicado for the time being.”

Former gubernatorial candidate Oz Griebel dead after accident

“There is no place like Oz, and there was no one like Oz," Gov. Ned Lamont -- who faced Griebel in the 2018 gubernatorial election -- remarked.

Purdue Pharma’s Jonathan Sackler dies at 65

Jonathan Sackler, a member of the family behind Purdue Pharma, has died at the age of 65.