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Judy Patrick: Without journalists, we will fail

Within the journalism community, there’s outrage over the assaults our fellow journalists have endured covering the unrest in America sparked by the death of...

Power Authority invests $2.1M in North White Plains train yard

A year of upgrades to the North White Plains Metro-North train yard has come to an end at a cost of $2.1 million, but...

Area businesses gain low-cost power

Three companies in the lower Hudson Valley will see lower energy costs from the Recharge New York program.

NY-Sun provides funds to reduce solar installation costs

The NY-Sun initiative announced today that it will be doling out $13.5 million for projects aimed at reducing the cost of installing solar systems and to help streamline the inspection process.

NYPA rates reduced in Westchester

The New York Power Authority board of trustees approved a 3.2 percent decrease ($1.14 million) for NYPA’s 103 Westchester government customers, which include the county, municipalities, schools and housing authorities.

NYPA petitions FERC to reconsider order

The New York Power Authority (NYPA) is attempting to block a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) order that it fears will increase electricity costs by up to $500 million.

NYPA approves $30m grant program

The New York Power Authority on July 2 approved a $30 million fund to advance development and the commercialization of new technologies.

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