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Nursing homes point to quality of care during Covid

The American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) have released a report with data showing some positive points about the...

Lamont issues order on vaccinations or negative tests for nursing home...

50,000 rapid antigen tests are being distributed to all nursing homes in the state.

Lamont issues executive orders on boosters for state hospital and long-term...

Connecticut Hospital Association announces similar mandate.

State Assembly report finds ‘overwhelming evidence’ against Cuomo

The New York State Assembly Judiciary Committee released a report finding that there is “overwhelming evidence” that former Gov. Andrew Cuomo committed acts of sexual harassment as had been alleged, along with other instances of misconduct while in office.

Report: Nursing homes lost 220,000 jobs since pandemic began

As a result, 58% of nursing homes said they are limiting new admissions and 78% of nursing homes and 61% of assisted living communities feared their workforce challenges might force them to close.

Survey: 94% of nursing homes face staffing shortages

Certified nursing assistants and dietary staff were among the highest levels of staff resignations.

Nursing home strike likely averted with tentative four-year agreement

Most nursing home employees will see an increase in their wages to at least $20 per hour.

Workers at Greenwich nursing home won’t strike tomorrow – but will...

“RegalCare operator Eliyahu Mirlis should not be allowed to run any nursing homes in Connecticut and he should be banned altogether from the health care business," declares union president Rob Baril.

Strike showdown: Nursing homes reject state’s ‘best and final offer’ as...

The union representing the nursing home workers said state's proposal failed to “lift nursing home workers out of poverty and improve staffing numbers for direct care services."

Workers at 33 nursing homes threaten to strike starting May 14

The union maintains that workers at 51 nursing homes have remained on the job so far despite their contracts having expired on March 15.

CT opens vaccinations to 65-and-older residents

The state's daily positive rate stands at about 3.6%. Current Covid-related hospitalizations are 815 – 224 of them in Fairfield County – and deaths stand at 7,282, with 1,965 in the county.

Incoming Republican Senate Leader Kevin Kelly: The FCBJ Interview

"We don’t always agree," Kelly (R-Stratford) says of Gov. Ned Lamont. "I don’t expect for us to always agree, but as long as discussions can be held in a candid and frank way, we can work together."

State Sen. Kevin Kelly criticizes makeup of new nursing home oversight...

In addition, the Lamont administration "still unbelievably does not have a plan for a second wave and only now is organizing this working group," says State Sen. Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford), Ranking Member of the General Assembly’s Aging Committee.

Indoor visits allowed at long-term care facilities in CT

The move follows a newly issued directive from the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Lamont extends exec orders to Nov. 9; Covid travel advisory now...

In Fairfield County there have been 18,385 confirmed and 750 “probable” cases, along with 1,103 confirmed and 314 probable deaths related to the virus.