Monday, October 3, 2022
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Regional medical professionals honored in the 2022 Doctors with Distinction Awards

The event was held Sept. 22 at The Stamford Hotel.

Westchester Covid deaths grow; county gets vaccine

https://youtu.be/gAwrKk6VnBQ   A significant increase in deaths from Covid in Westchester County was reported at the same time the county government reportedly received a shipment of...

New study details gender pay disparities in nursing profession

The study also determined that nursing is a predominantly white profession.

Former Google CEO to work on technology in NY reopening

The former CEO and executive chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt along with his philanthropic organization Schmidt Futures will be working with New York state...

Gov. Cuomo warns against turning pandemic into political football

With lawmakers in Washington, D.C., apparently headed toward a showdown on whether to provide $500 billion in funding to help state and local governments...

‘War zone’: Nurses sue Westchester Medical Center, Montefiore and state

The lawsuit against Westchester Medical alleges, in part, “WMC is currently like a war zone, and the RNs there are being sent into battle on a daily basis by hospital management without the essential tools they need to do their job and keep themselves safe."

COVID-19: Cuomo says rate of increase in Westchester slows; calls Senate...

Even though Westchester County has 4,691 confirmed cases of COVID-19 as announced this morning by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, Cuomo told an Albany news...