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Bridgeport Bluefish moving to North Carolina

The minor league baseball team expects to open the 2019 season in a $30 million stadium being built in High Point, North Carolina.

Bank of America turns down offer to relocate to Conn.

Conn. lawmakers are hoping to lure North Carolina businesses after that state's passage of a controversial law.

Report: Conn., Ill. in worst pension shape

Only Illinois has a greater ratio of unfunded state pension liabilities than Connecticut, according to a new report.

Connecticut tax levies seesaw

A new study showed an increase in business tax collections.

NRDC: Conn. beach water sketchy

Connecticut’s beaches have the worst water quality of any on the Eastern Seaboard, according to a new study.

Chilton executive found dead

Chilton Investment Corp. executive B. Robert Williamson Jr. was found dead in North Carolina.

Too bad

Bad news if at this time last year you were still under the age of 40 – there was a 98 percent chance your boss, deep down, didn’t give a hoot about you.

Too tough?

How many more companies will miss the opportunity to seek a CQIA or 40 Under 40 award?

Malloy treads line on unions

As Connecticut unions dropped members, they gained a major voice in state government.

Business news and notes from around Fairfield County and Connecticut.

Native computer pioneer dies Perhaps Fairfield County’s greatest export to the computer age died on Feb. 6, after Digital Equipment Corp. founder Kenneth H. Olsen...

Fairfield County business news briefs.

North Carolina picks TPI Stamford-based TPI has been awarded a contract by the state of North Carolina to advise it on transforming its use of...