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Norman Grill: End-of-year businesses tax planning strategies, Part I

A number of year-end tax planning strategies are available to business owners that can be used to reduce tax liability. Let’s take a look ....

Norman Grill: Claiming an elderly dependent on your tax filing

Are you taking care of an elderly parent or relative? Whether it's driving to doctor appointments, paying for nursing home care or medical expenses,...

Norman G. Grill: A new way to reduce capital gains taxes

Under this new federal program, reinvesting in a qualified opportunity fund allows you to defer, and even reduce, the tax on your original gain and to avoid tax on future appreciation within the QOF.

Norman G. Grill: Electronic document storage options

There are many potential benefits to electronic document storage. Perhaps the biggest is a reduction in the amount of paper that must be sorted, organized and stored manually.

Norman G. Grill: Beware the new tax code’s fringe benefits’ limitations

To fully understand the law's impact on your business, it's critical to evaluate the deductibility of certain benefits. 

Norman G. Grill: Your company’s financial statement – go-to guide for...

Here’s a look at the financial statement’s three components: balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows.

Norman G. Grill: Does your company qualify for a tax cut?

The new tax break is one of the more complex provisions of the recently enacted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, particularly for professional services firms.

Norman G. Grill: Three small-company retirement plans with tax benefits

Setting up an employer-sponsored retirement plan can be a smart way to save for your own retirement, help your workers do the same and reap tax benefits.

Column: Protecting credit and debit card information

Using a credit or debit card involves an Internet transaction. And the Internet is a dangerous place.

Column: Annuities and the retirement portfolio

The popular tools have no limits on annual contributions.