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Norman Grill: End-of-year businesses tax planning strategies, part II

A number of year-end tax planning strategies are available to business owners that can be used to reduce tax liability. Let’s take a look ....

Norman G. Grill: Preparing for a comfortable retirement

As you approach retirement, you need to focus on key financial issues to ensure a smooth transition. Here are five of them: 1. Health insurance Are...

Norman G. Grill: Just the facts on home sale tax

There may be tax consequences when selling your home. Here are 10 things to be aware of: 1. Exclusion of gain. You may be able...

Norman Grill: The Employee Retention Credit could help your business

If your business has been impacted financially by COVID-19, you may qualify for a new, refundable tax credit called the Employee Retention Credit. It...

Norman Grill: The CARES Act benefits explained

These measures include economic recovery checks for taxpayers, as well as several other tax provisions affecting individuals.

Norman G. Grill: Year-end business tax planning strategies, Part 1

There are a number of end-of-year tax planning strategies that might reduce your business tax liability. Here are a few of them: Deferring income Businesses using...

Norman Grill: Following tax reform, does it pay to itemize?

You have a choice each year when you file your income tax return: take the standard deduction or itemize your deductions. That choice, however, is more complicated under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Norman G. Grill: Will your company owe out-of-state sales taxes?

If you do business in other states, you may have to begin collecting and remitting sales taxes to those states.

Tax-free exchanges to pay for long-term care insurance

At least 70 percent of people over the age of 65 will require some level of long-term care, according to insurance company Genworth Financial’s 2016 Cost of Care Survey.

Column: Factor financial aid into college planning

Even if you have an above-average family income, don't ignore financial aid in your college planning process.

Column: The business of business transformation

Before you decide to undertake a business transformation, you need to be sure you truly want to transform your company rather than simply change it.

Column: Remaining operational in a crisis

A truly contemporary business continuity plan must take a 360-degree approach to staying operational.

Column: How an IRA can benefit you and your heirs

To ensure your IRA serves your purposes, you need to stay up to speed on the distribution rules.

Column: Why business owners should value valuations

There are good reasons to do an appraisal of your business regularly or, at least, to familiarize yourself with the process.

Column: Four retirement saving myths debunked

You may be on the wrong path to retirement.