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Trump demands jury trial in Dutchess County

The lawsuit identifies Donald Trump as a private citizen, rather than as a former U.S. president.

NY AG James vows to continue Trump investigation

New York Attorney General Letitia James issued a statement following a speech made by Trump at the White House.

Potholes persist in the road to a Covid vaccine

"You're not allowed to allocate something like vaccines according to race," said Kolata.

Darien drops Covid testing vendor amid billing concerns

The town stated it is now "exploring alternate testing options."

Study estimates 10K Connecticut lives have been saved by social distancing

According to DataHaven’s projections, extending social distancing by two more weeks would save another 4,000 lives, and extending it by four more weeks would save 6,000 more lives.

Ray Dalio faults media coverage of Bridgewater sexual conduct incidents

The Westport hedge fund executive took to Twitter and declared, "A good principle is ‘Don't believe everything you read in the newspapers.'"

State Health Department deems fracking safe

An analysis by the New York State Department of Health said that hydrofracking, a method used to obtain natural gas, could be done safely.