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Lower Hudson Valley adds jobs in 2017, but unemployment also increases

The spike in unemployment can be explained in part by the dynamics of the labor market. More people were looking for work here.

Lower Hudson Valley has fewer jobs in September

Most of the September losses were in the private sector, where there were an estimated 8,700 fewer jobs and a 1.4 percent decline.

Unemployment rate stalls in lower Hudson Valley

Nonfarm jobs in the region declined by an estimated 6,200 in August, including 4,200 jobs in the private sector and 2,000 in government.

Lower Hudson Valley labor market grows in July

Most of the new jobs in the three-county region were added in the private sector, which increased by 1,000 positions.

Lower Hudson Valley unemployment rate creeps upward

More people have landed jobs in the region but the unemployment rate increased as more people entered the work force.

Hudson Valley adds jobs in June, for fourth straight month of...

The market was bolstered by a strong showing in the government sector, with 2,600 new jobs, an increase of 2.3 percent.

Hudson Valley unemployment rate unchanged in May

About 45,900 people were unemployed in the seven-county region last month.

Job market keeps expanding in Hudson Valley

Almost all of the growth was in the private sector, with 8,400 new jobs.

Hudson Valley unemployment rate holds steady at 4.1 percent

The regional labor force got smaller, at 1,120,600. That was a decrease of 2,600 people, or 0.2 percent, from a year ago.

Lower Hudson Valley gains 7,100 jobs in March

The state unemployment rate narrowed to 4.3 percent, the lowest level since February 2007.

Job losses in Lower Hudson Valley narrow in February

Gains in local government education employment partially offset losses in the private sector.

Hudson Valley unemployment unchanged for year, at 4.5 percent

The seven-county region was the second strongest labor market in New York behind Long Island’s 4.4 percent unemployment.

New York launches tools to enforce new minimum wage

A 200-member, multi-agency minimum wage enforcement and outreach unit will police the wage market.

More local jobs in November for Lower Hudson Valley

Orange, Rockland and Westchester counties gained 700 jobs last month.

Hudson Valley continues to add jobs

Construction and health care jobs are setting the pace for regional job growth.