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Streaming services use content to win digital battle for viewers

"It's all about how good the stuff on the platform is, not how good the platform is," said Fairfield University's Adam Rugg.

Netflix / ‘Laundromat’ suit filed by Stamford lawyer moved to L.A.

The streaming company maintains that the lawsuit is a “virtually unheard-of prior restraint on speech,” and that its inclusion of real-life characters in the Panama Papers saga "does not depict them as direct participants in criminal activity.”

Hello Hollywood: CT makes overtures to companies rethinking filming in Georgia

Film companies are avoiding filming in Georgia after it passed one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the nation.

Diageo, FactSet named to list of top 50 places to work...

Companies are rated on such factors as paid leave for new fathers, corporate flex time policies and corporate childcare policies.

Don’t be Netflixed!

If he were alive today, Peter Drucker would caution: Pay attention to changing demographics and don’t be “Netflixed.”

How private is your email? Not at all, experts say

The Gen. Petraeus scandal helped shine the spotlight on email and Internet messaging privacy regulations. Many people weren’t and still aren’t fully aware of how accessible their information online really is.

Disney teams with Netflix

Netflix subscribers will soon have access to Disney classics and new movie releases after the company reached a new multi-year licensing agreement with The Walt Disney Co. Dec. 4.

Acclaro weathers global market swings

Acclaro has performed exceedingly well over the years, posting double-digit revenue growth every year except for the two years following the 2008 financial crisis.