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Mortgage fraud defendant wonders why he is treated as ‘Public Enemy...

The government, Bruce Lewis said, is using his beliefs to “discredit me, defame me, persecute me, deny me bail.”

Canadian-Iranian sentenced to prison for conspiring to export weapons to Iran

Ali Soofi was working as a weapons broker on behalf of Iranian clients, including a commander in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps who was responsible for procuring weapons.

Federal judge kicks KFC bucket lawsuit out of court

She paid $20 for the chicken, or what would work out to one million buckets of chicken if she were to win a $20 million verdict.

Chase ordered to pay law firm $2.5M for tardy filing of...

“This is no mere procedural peccadillo,” the lawsuit states.

White Plains CPA gets 22 months in prison for tax fraud

Joseph Cervone, 64, had pleaded guilty to using $23.5 million in bogus tax credits for clients and to concealing $500,000 of personal income.