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Disgraced Middletown attorney loses his home

In 2018, a federal jury in White Plains convicted former Middletown attorney Joseph Scali on ten counts of frauds and swindles, tax evasion, structuring cash deposits, perjury and obstruction of justice.

Judge grants Waterkeeper adversary yet another prison postponement

"This is nothing more than a bad faith litigation tactic" a Waterkeeper Alliance attorney said, and "there is simply no reason to believe granting (Jeffrey) Salt additional time to retain new counsel will lead to a different outcome."

Yonkers mortgage fraudster ordered to pay $694,450 in restitution

Terra filed about 60 mortgage discharge documents with county clerks, on $33 million in loans, making it look as if the homeowners had paid off their debts.

Waterkeeper trademark scofflaw gets COVID-19 jail reprieve

U.S. District Judge Nelson S. Roman concluded, “by clear and convincing evidence,” that environmentalist Jeffrey Salt has continued to disobey the court.

Valhalla ‘foundation’ mortgage fraudster sentenced to 11 years in prison

“As the overwhelming trial evidence demonstrated,” prosecutors state in a sentencing memorandum, Jacqueline Graham was the "mastermind behind a highly complex and sophisticated, massive, years-long national fraudulent scheme.”

Hastings ‘investment-for-visa’ firm cleared of fraud

“The truth has come out and it was a complete vindication of my reputation, conduct and character,” Matthew Gordon said. "We did nothing wrong."

Dobbs Ferry couple loses $1.3M judgment over wine and liquor enterprise

The default judgment is one of several awarded to companies that have done business with Marc and Julie Ravage.

Judge to environmentalist: For the third time, stop using Waterkeeper trademarks

“Salt is a pariah in the Great Salt Lake environmental community,” according to the Waterkeeper Alliance, because of “the positions he takes and his violent criminal history.”

Disbarred attorney Joseph Scali invokes Michael Cohen defense

Scali had done bad things, his attorney, Daniel A. Hochheiser argued in a sentencing memorandum, “but Scali is not a bad man.”

Judge rules no separate trials for Terra Foundation fraud defendants

The defendants argue that their defenses are mutually antagonistic and that overwhelming evidence against one defendant will spill over and taint their cases.

White Plains woman gets court OK to continue Lyft lawsuit

District Judge Nelson S. Roman denied Lyft’s motion to dismiss the 2017 class-action lawsuit under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act in a Nov. 29 opinion.

Fraudster Robert Kolaczynski faces day of reckoning in $1.2M theft from...

“The defendant has been engaging in a pattern of lying, cheating and stealing over the course of his adult life,” Margery B. Feinzig, an assistant prosecutor, said in a sentencing letter.

Union trust funds win $743K judgment from WJL trucking company president

"WJL Equities, WJL Construction and CNB have operated in such a manner,” a union attorney argued, “that they constitute a single employer.”

Le Perigord ordered to pay $2.6M to White Plains retirement fund

When Le Perigord closed last year, owner Georges Briguet blamed the demise of the old-school French restaurant on high union healthcare and pension costs.

Ex-orthopedic surgeon Spyros Panos accused of health care fraud again

“I have learned from my mistakes and I am a changed man,” Panos told a judge in 2014, after allegedly setting up a new scheme.