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Co-owners of BWT Glass trade allegations of fraud

The company dispute is at the center of Robert Tarpey’s financial problems, and he expects to be fired soon.

From daycare to hair, entrepreneur continues to find new business ventures

Serial entrepreneur Tamika Douglas has launched businesses that range from a talent development agency to a hair extension retailer.

MacQuesten Development breaks ground on second Mount Vernon tower

“We are creating a community within a community,” MacQuesten CEO Rella Fogliano said, with “income diversity within one building.”

K&R Preservation proposes renovating Oakwood Gardens

Oakwood Gardens Apartments in Mount Vernon is just the type of at-risk, Section 8 housing that K&R Preservation likes to buy.

Geritrex moving OTC products facility out of Mount Vernon

Geritrex, a manufacturer of generic over-the-counter creams and lotions, is closing its Mount Vernon plant and relocating to Middletown.

Matt Rizzetta: For Mount Vernon, it all starts with leadership

This is not about the mayor’s guilt or innocence. This is about the story of a city so rich with potential, yet so poor with leadership.

Mount Vernon mayor charged with grand larceny; denies allegations

Thomas later denied the allegations when questioned by reporters, and said the amount involved is $12,000.

Consultant for Mount Vernon project The Pointe sues developer MVP Realty

“MVP terminated the contract to save money on the Pointe redevelopment,” Ferrandino & Associates says in the complaint.

Ineligible tenants jeopardize low-income tax credits, MacQuesten Development charges

Community Housing Innovations leased units to tenants who had too much income, a lawsuit claims.

Unpaid legal bills prompts law firm to sue Mount Vernon

Mayor Richard Thomas has refused to sign checks for legal payments, the complaint states, “due to perceived slights against him by other city officials and out of sheer spite.”

First Amendment lawsuit to continue against Mayor Richard Thomas by developer

Developer Peter Fine accused the city and mayor of political retribution for refusing to hire a particular consultant and for speaking about their dispute with the Westchester County Business Journal.

MacQuesten celebrates colorful grand opening of The Modern

The façade is a quilt of yellow, orange, red, pink, violet and blue concrete panels.

Astorino pitches Westchester County for Amazon’s new headquarters

Westchester County will compete in the economic development "Super Bowl" for the company's $5 billion new headquarters.

Unemployment rate stalls in lower Hudson Valley

Nonfarm jobs in the region declined by an estimated 6,200 in August, including 4,200 jobs in the private sector and 2,000 in government.

Mayor pushes for cleanup of Mount Vernon’s ‘Big Stink’ on...

Cleaning up the creek, said Mayor Richard Thomas, would convert a liability into an asset and stimulate economic development.