Saturday, September 24, 2022
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Gov. Lamont welcomes women-owned businesses in states with new abortion laws

Lamont said he was "appalled at these actions that erode the ability of women to make informed decisions about their health and bodies."

Calhoun to retire

Jim Calhoun is retiring as coach of the University of Connecticut’s men’s basketball team.

Political faux pas and social media

It’s very easy to become well known online if you’re a politician. All you need to do is make an incredibly stupid or insensitive statement.

Greenwich firm acquires Midwest Applebee’s

A Greenwich franchise company is buying Applebee’s restaurants in Missouri and Indiana.

In the field

Pat Callahan is wrapping up a 30-year career at Pepperidge Farm, and other Fairfield County business news.

Business news and notes from around Fairfield County and Connecticut.

Native computer pioneer dies Perhaps Fairfield County’s greatest export to the computer age died on Feb. 6, after Digital Equipment Corp. founder Kenneth H. Olsen...