Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Cuomo says the state may be over the COVID-19 plateau

New York state may have transited a plateau at the apex of the COVID-19 outbreak and be starting down the other side, according to...

Westport’s BioSig Technologies bypasses Connecticut to open R&D center in Minnesota

BioSig follows the lead of Xerox Corp. in opening a new technology center elsewhere in the country.

Union protests at Harrison work site

The famed “union rat” was perched near the top of Gannett Drive in protest of work being done at the Life Time Athletic Westchester complex.

Study: Conn. graduates in hock

In Connecticut, graduates of universities and colleges face among the biggest loan burdens in the nation at $27,800 on average.

Insurance carrier enrollment drops 11 percent

In a possible indictment of federal health reform in Connecticut, private insurance carriers covered 320,000 fewer people in 2011 – an 11 percent drop.

Insurance carriers go back to school

Connecticut has set up supervisory “colleges” with several insurance giants.

Startups slower to follow where angels tread

After overhauling a relatively new tax credit last year, Connecticut appears to find itself in an unaccustomed place – too many angel investment dollars...

Olympus sells Tank Holdings Corp.

Olympus is selling off tank manufacturing operations.

Stuffing the mattress

The former CEO of Latex International admitted to illicitly feathering his own nest.

Minnesota a model for college governance

The governor wants to govern Connecticut colleges the same way as Minnesota.

Flavorful recycling

Distiller’s used oak barrels becoming as popular as the contents.