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Suite Talk: Scott Dolch, executive director of the Connecticut Restaurant Association

"We've never had a James Beard Award winner out of Connecticut," said Scott Dolch. "As a competitive person, that bothers me."

Suite Talk: Ginny Kozlowski, executive director, Connecticut Lodging Association

"Right now, we have a tremendous shortage of staffing across the whole hospitality sector," said Kozlowski.

Poll: CT voters support legalized marijuana, oppose tolls

When asked about Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's job performance, 67 percent of respondents disapproved and 25 percent approved.

Connecticut fiscal stability commission chiefs call for tough love strategies

James C. Smith and Robert Patricelli, co-chairmen of the Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth, outlined the challenges and possible solutions facing Connecticut's economy.

Minimum wage increase among bills passed by CT Labor Committee

Other legislation would expand Connecticut’s family and sick leave laws, update sexual harassment training requirements, and increase economic security for workers, women and families.

A guide to New York’s building service industry wage order

The Labor Department’s building service industry minimum wage order sets the regulations that control the payment to those in the building service industry.

New York launches tools to enforce new minimum wage

A 200-member, multi-agency minimum wage enforcement and outreach unit will police the wage market.

State board calls for CT mininum wage hike

A $15 per hour level by 2022 is recommended.

Report: Low-wage jobs up, high-wage jobs down in Connecticut

Since 2001, the share of industries in Connecticut that typically pay low wages has increased by 20 percent, while high-wage industry employment has decreased...

Connecticut minimum wage to reach $10.10 per hour

The increase will be implemented over the next three years

Obama supports minimum wage increase in Connecticut

Obama features a Bridgeport business owner in his speech

2014 push for upped wage

Governor and Bridgeport senator favor $10.10.

State House approves minimum wage hike; Malloy to sign bill

A bill to increase Connecticut’s minimum wage by 75 cents to $9 an hour by 2015 has passed both houses of the legislature and will be signed into law by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

State Senate approves minimum wage increase

The Connecticut State Senate has passed a bill to increase the state's minimum wage by 75 cents to $9 an hour by January 2015.

Report: Malloy would support $9 minimum wage

In an apparent policy shift, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy told reporters in Hartford today that he would support an increase in the state's minimum wage from $8.25 to $9 by Jan. 1, 2015.