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Living and working as a millennial in New York

Although I am proudly a part of Generation Z, born in 2004, I’ve recently been thinking about those who have come before me, born...

New report places CT among top states for potential homeowner demand

The data finds an increased prominence of millennials among homebuyers.

Study: 40% of Americans making $100K and more live paycheck-to-paycheck

77% of millennials live paycheck-to-paycheck.

Survey: Most buyers will go over budget in pursuing their dream...

Three-quarters of millennials are willing to jettison their original homebuying budgets.

Study finds public anxiety rising as mobility declines

Millennials are having a harder time adapting to a decrease in mobility.

Suite Talk: Joanne Breen, 2020 president of Connecticut Realtors

Breen noticed a new wave of young professionals going into the real estate field directly out of college.

Suite Talk: Alan Murray, president and CEO of Empire BlueCross BlueShield

"Technology is expanding and our competitors are looking at it in different ways," said Murray.

Design agency chief D.J. Haddad revs up new auto dealership marketing...

“A lot of the smaller dealers are starting to get worried about it,” said Haddad regarding Carvana.

Hudson Hill scoops up ‘underappreciated properties’

Hudson Hill Partners, a White Plains-based real estate investment management firm, has built up its portfolio to 10 Westchester properties with the acquisition of five...

Verco Properties buys White Plains apartment complexes for $22 million

The developments are The Reed located at 115 N. Broadway and The Dylan located at 42 Waller Ave.

Debra Goodwin: Millennial desires and the impact on real estate

From a financial perspective, with interest rates as low as they are, many millennials see it as a better investment to buy a house that is already renovated.

Suite Talk: Terence Floyd, president of the Connecticut Mortgage Bankers Association

"When we try to teach the young people what their careers could be, we don’t think of mortgage sales as a career," said Floyd.

Howard Greenberg: Construction bolstering Westchester’s economic development

All of the repurposing and demolition of functionally obsolete office buildings is accomplishing the desired goals: less vacant space and a more balanced market.

2018 Milli Award winners consider how the future will view millennials

Angie Kim of Purchase College defined Millennials as "change agents and the ones who are really paving the way for a better future."

Suite Talk: Heather Cavanagh, president and CEO of the Stamford Chamber...

"When you look at the growth areas in Fairfield County, it’s all happening in Stamford," said Cavanagh.