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Trustee demands $1.2M from Michael D’Alessio cohorts

“D’Alessio did not receive fair consideration or reasonable equivalent value in exchange for the … transfers,” the complaint states. He “was insolvent, or had incurred or was intending to incur debts beyond his ability to pay them as they became due.”

Brother of convicted real estate swindler Michael D’Alessio, accused of abetting...

“Ronald may have traveled to the Dominican Republic,” the complaint states, “for the purpose of placing (Michael) D’Alessio’s assets outside of the United States.”

Michael D’Alessio’s $58M fraud takes its toll on many of his...

“Michael has robbed us financially and emotionally,” wrote investor Michael Kohn, who once counted D’Alessio as a friend.

Real estate fraudster Michael D’Alessio sentenced to six years in prison

D’Alessio’s attorneys had recommended a three-year prison sentence, “given that Michael is not a predatory fraudster and that his conduct was undeniably affected by his gambling and drug addictions.”

Trustee: D’Alessio sold property for one-tenth of value before bankruptcy

The adversarial lawsuit claims that Michael D'Alessio received $100,000 for property in Suffolk County that was worth $1 million.

Luxury developer Michael D’Alessio facing prison for $58M swindle

He commingled investors’ funds in “Ponzi-like fashion,” according to a news release from U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman, and channeled the funds through a series of shell companies.

Feds accuse developer Michael D’Alessio of wire fraud and demand forfeiture

D'Alessio was already facing numerous accusers and creditors who want pieces of his real estate empire.

Gambling debt cited in new lawsuit against developer Michael D’Alessio

D’Alessio used his companies “to carry out a massive fraud on numerous investors,” according to the bankruptcy court complaint.

D’Alessio petitions to liquidate 15 real estate companies

Former White Plains developer Michael P. D’Alessio declared $49.7 million in assets and $97.5 million in liabilities.

Banks ask bankruptcy court to force D’Alessio liquidation

The Westchester Bank, Greater Hudson Bank and BNB Bank claim that Michael D’Alessio owes them more than $6.3 million.

Investors seek $17M from White Plains developer Michael D’Alessio in fraud...

Investors claim that D’Alessio and his enterprises have carried out a “massive scheme” to defraud them.