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Patriot Bank, American Challenger merging to create nation’s largest digital bank

Patriot Bank Chairman Michael Carrazza, who will remain as vice chairman of the new entity, called the deal an “industry-disrupting merger."

Patriot Bank expanding small-business lending

The Stamford bank recently added Brent Ciurlino, a former top SBA official, to its board of directors.

After run of acquisitions, People’s United focuses on organic growth, tech

Change is the byword at People’s United Bank. With the dust still settling on its $544 million acquisition of Farmington Bank, People’s is still wrestling with the technological and cybersecurity issues facing most industries today — particularly in the financial services sector.

At 82, another day at work for Patriot Bank’s co-founder

The 82-year-old exec is a longtime mentor to Patriot President Richard Muskus Jr.

Patriot Bank acquires Hana SBL’s $490 million SBA portfolio

"This will allow us to go from zero to 100" in the SBA space, said Patriot President Richard Muskus Jr.

Patriot National Bancorp posts strongest earnings in its history

Patriot President Richard Muskus Jr. said the bank’s primary areas of focus moving forward would be adding to its product lines and enhancing its service offerings.

Patriot Bank hits $1 million net income milestone

“While pleased in reaching these milestones, content we are not," said CEO Michael Carrazza.

Reinvigorated Patriot National Bank posts healthy revenues

“No bank has ever had the kind of bad metrics we did, and survived on its own,” said bank chairman and CEO Michael Carrazza.

Patriot Bank acquiring Prime Bank

Prime shareholders will receive aggregate cash consideration equal to 115 percent of Prime’s tangible book value as of the closing date.

Patriot Bank announces first quarterly cash dividend since 2008

The move comes in the wake of significant financial growth over the past year-plus.

Patriot Bank picks Perillo as CFO

Before joining the Stamford bank, Joseph D. Perillo was chief accounting officer and CFO for iQor Inc., a $1.5 billion global leader in business process outsourcing.

Patriot Bank posts 165 percent net income increase

First-quarter earnings also increased by 66 percent.

Patriot Bank posts 2nd consecutive earnings increase

The Stamford-based bank's net income nearly doubled from the fourth quarter of 2015.

Muskus promoted to Patriot Bank president

The Greenwich resident had been the Stamford-based bank’s executive vice president and chief lending officer since February 2014.

Patriot Bank posts nearly 30 percent earnings growth

Patriot credited the results in part to its chairman, Michael Carrazza, who took over as CEO in August.