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Show me the money: Mandels, McMahons are CT’s leading political donors

The Center for Responsive Politics reports that Stephen Mandel Jr., who founded Greenwich’s Lone Pine Capital, and his wife have donated $9.3 million to Democrats and $100 to Republicans this year, making them the nation’s 20th most active political contributors.

Unemployment grows to 39 million as billionaires’ net worth increases $434B

While the U.S. Department of Labor was today reporting 2,438,000 new unemployment insurance claims during the week ending May 16, bringing the nine-week total...

Ex-NYC Mayor Bloomberg to organize COVID-19 tracing; 923 deaths in Westchester

Multibillionaire, former presidential candidate and three-term New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will be organizing and partially funding an effort aimed at tracing contacts...

New Rochelle’s virtual reality city planning initiative wins $1 million grant...

New Rochelle will receive a million dollar grant as winner of Bloomberg's U.S. Mayors Challenge. The competition offers fund for innovative urban problem solving.

Sara A. Harris named operations director of Westport

Harris was a staffer of the New York City Mayor’s Office of Management and Budget under Michael Bloomberg.

NY Sandy damage estimated at $42 billion

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that Hurricane Sandy caused almost $42 billion in damage in New York state.