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Renewed interest in hospitality near Legoland

Some wonder what the true impact of three hotels and two restaurants would have on traffic and quality of life, with Legoland’s entrance just a short distance away.

Legoland makes colorful and crowded debut

It may be “slow-motion Goshen” to residents, but Orange County’s town of 13,000 will see life kick up a notch or two now that...

Orange County Legoland project receives key approvals

The votes come more than a year after Merlin Entertainments PLC first proposed the $500 million children's park in June 2016.

Judge dismisses lawsuit from group opposing $500 million Orange County Legoland...

A lawsuit filed by a group of opponents to a $500 million Legoland theme park in Orange County was dismissed by a state Supreme Court...

Legoland developer announces $500 million plans in Orange County

Legoland might be coming to Orange County, providing the only theme park of its kind in the Northeast. Merlin Entertainments PLC, a British-based, American-owned developer...