Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Clarapath trailblazes in automating laboratory pathology processes

Clarapath's technology will meet a long-overdue need not only for clinical markets like hospitals, clinics and medical centers, but also for nonclinical settings in which cell and tissue samples are necessary, like drug and toxicology development, pharmaceutical firms and contract research organizations.

Northwell partners with Aegis for new AI venture

The joint venture between the companies will ideate, launch and scale AI-driven health care companies to solve problems related to equity, patient care, disease management and operational efficiency in the field.

Affordable bionic arms from Rhinebeck firm reach users nationwide

The company provides a high-tech bionic arm at a fraction of the price point of most alternatives, which is achieved through a direct-to-consumer model and by keeping all design and 3D printing manufacturing in-house.