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CNN’s Acosta recalls tumultuous relationship with Trump in Fairfield U. lecture

Acosta accused portions of the population of crawling into "disinformation pods."

Sacred Heart president dispels ‘rumor’ of canceled in-person classes

The school also announced two additions to its board of trustees.

Yonkers begins back in business campaign

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUtR42TVUqs&feature=youtu.be With phase four of economic reopening underway, the city of Yonkers has begun a new marketing campaign titled “Yonkers is Back to Business!” Mayor Mike...

Realtor Mark Pires takes a new role as online talk show...

Local Realtor Mark Pires stars on a daily online video program that mixes inspirational messaging, guest conversations and music performance by its host.

Hearst taps Canadian news executive to run Connecticut media group

Wendy Metcalfe comes to Hearst with no previous experience running a U.S. news organization.

Print journalism: Because it still matters

Our new tagline – ‘Print journalism: Because it still matters’ – seems particularly prescient in light of the recent decision by Verizon to end its arrangement with the Rye Brook-based Regional News Network (RNN) to produce local news channels for Fios cable TV.

A new sun shines on Monroe’s news front

"A reporter is only as good as the sources," said journalist Bill Bittar, founder of The Monroe Sun.

Chicken Soup for the Soul buys Ashton Kutcher’s company for $15M

A Plus was co-founded by Kutcher in 2014 as an online video news platform specializing in positive-focused journalism.

Diageo seeks more female leadership within its ad agencies

"We need to make faster progress and the time for action is now," said Diageo Global Chief Marketing Officer Syl Saller.

Chris McHugh on linking an advertising message with the right medium

McQ Marketing Group's Chris McHugh ran TV-style commercials online, but recalled that he has "never seen such awful click-through rates."

Ray Dalio goes underwater with new OceanX venture

Ray Dalio is launching OceanX, an initiative to explore the depths of the oceans and to share its findings through educational and entertainment media.

Hyperlocal news sites reshape media business with Main Street focus

Fairfield County's hyperlocal news sites focus on community news and issues, generating reader appreciation and advertising revenue from neighborhood businesses.

Greenwich marketing and political consultant Carl Higbie joins Trump Administration

Higbie was an unpaid consultant to Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and has been a ubiquitous presence on Fox News and CNN this year as an advocate for the president’s policies.

Greenwich’s Hope Hicks reportedly named White House communications director

Unlike the front-and-center Anthony Scaramucci, who lasted for a volatile 10 days on the job, Hope Hicks has mostly been a behind-the-scenes presence at the White House.

Publisher offers passport to Fairfield dining

Weston's Entrée Nous offers a distinctive passport book to Fairfield's high-end restaurants.